Where God Guides, He Provides

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Throughout my life, God has made the things that I’m supposed to do abundantly clear. Over the years, understanding that has helped me not to overthink my steps, but to implicitly trust Him. Two major situations with my education are proof of this: Attending VFCC for my undergrad, and getting my Master’s at Regent. Valley Forge was the only school I applied to, and I really just knew from sixth grade that it was the right school for me. The opportunity to go to Regent came first through a simple tri-fold photocopied advertisement in the mail. I looked into the program and it looked appealing. After I started the application process–more accurately, the week my application was complete–I found out that I could get my education for free. That was a pretty obvious choice.

The nudge in our lives toward missions was really started when my good friend John came to visit us in October 2011. He was working on us to go work with him on a new project in Costa Rica. That was the first time when we actually thought we could be used overseas in a full-time ministry capacity. God was clear that it wasn’t right for us, but it was a little ignition point that got our minds going.

So now, almost three years later, how do we know that this nudge has turned into a call? The same way I always have: He has made it abundantly clear. We have had more “coincidences” and “happenstances” throughout this process than can be chalked up to chance. We’ve tested God and He has come through in huge ways. We have prayed, God has provided, and as Acts 15:28 models, ‘it seems good to the Holy Spirit and us.’

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