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As many of you know, I have been roasting coffee for more than 4 years (and I still don’t consider myself a coffee snob). Alicia and I had wanted to use coffee as thank you gifts for our supporting churches and individuals, but then we thought, ‘Why stop there?’ After considering the investment, we decided that it would be worth it to try to accelerate our process to get to Spain by fundraising through coffee. For people who want to support us but don’t know how, Accelerate Coffee is a way to get involved and get something in return.

Each week, I will be roasting small batches of fair trade, organic coffees that we will offer for sale at the churches we travel to. All of the proceeds from our coffee will go into our cash budget, which helps to fund our plane tickets to Madrid and various moving expenses. Just like Cracker Jacks, each pound of coffee comes with one of our prayer cards inside. Please don’t grind, brew, and drink our prayer cards.

We aren’t going to be selling the coffee online just yet, but if demand is high, we’ll consider it. Starting on July 13th, the best way to get on the coffee bandwagon is to contact me directly, find us in person, or come to one of our services. Be sure to be in touch if you want some!

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