What a Wonderful Weekend

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This past weekend was so amazing, I couldn’t just post a little blurb on our Facebook page.

On Saturday night and Sunday morning, we had the honor of being with Waters Church in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. We were impressed by the quality of the music, production, hospitality, and how Waters reaches out to the community. But what stunned us was the unbelievable outpouring of support that we experienced by everyone there. People were so kind and encouraging to us and affirming of our mission.

One of my former students, Michael McGary started working at Waters last year, and it was incredible to see what he’s built so far and the impact he’s having for the glory of God. I even got to step in to help him troubleshoot an issue with a couple of cameras…just like old times. (Truth be told, if it really was like old times, Michael would be helping me troubleshoot, not the other way around. He can make anything work!) At Waters, we got to meet some friends of friends, we met a fellow worker in South Sudan, and even some of my family came out to support us.

As you know, part of what we’re doing to help get the word out about us is our Accelerate Coffee project. I roasted 20 pounds of coffee to bring with us, hoping maybe we would be able to sell most of it. We sold out in 10 minutes on Saturday night. All told, Waters Church bought 51 pounds of coffee. I’m roasting as I type to catch up!! Thanks to Pastor Tim, Shane, Scott, and the incredible team and people of Waters Church for making us feel at home. We felt such a cool connection with you all, and can’t wait to stay connected into the future.

After lunch, we traveled through some pretty wild traffic to First Assembly of God in Brookfield, Connecticut. They have a small group style evening meeting in their fellowship hall, and we got to share our story with some very encouraging folks. At the end of the service, they prayed over us, and again, we felt loved beyond what we could have expected. We even got to talk to a couple who are possibly sensing a call to overseas missions. We’re praying for you, Gary and Gloria!

We finally got back home on Monday at noon, and Alicia had to work a half day (she only has two weeks left!). We’re still blessed by what God did right in front of our eyes this weekend. He is good!

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