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What in the world are we doing?

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You’re taking the baby?!

We get a lot of questions about what we’re doing and why it’s going to take us so long to do it. Let’s take a few minutes to answer some common questions we get, and hopefully give you some clarity on our process.

Where are you going? We’re going to Spain as media missionaries. God has called us to “accelerate the Gospel through media,” and we’ll do that by working with International Media Ministries (IMM). They are an incredible organization who are creating videos and films that tell people about Jesus in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The facility is based out of a small suburb of Madrid, Spain.

What exactly will you be doing? As you know, my background is in media production and training, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing at IMM. There are a wide variety of videos that are created through IMM, and they are translated into many languages for use across the world. You can see some of their work here.  Alicia has some pretty cool dreams about what she’ll be doing besides raising Paisley and helping us at IMM. We’ll tell you about them sometime.

When are you planning to go? This is a little bit of a trick question. When we plan to go and when we actually get to go could be two different things. As soon as our support is 100% raised, we can leave. That could take a year, or it could take up to 18 months from now.

What do you mean “support”? In order for us to move to Spain and do the work God has called us to do, we need to raise our budget through one-time and monthly contributions. Our budget covers things like insurance, housing, travel, language school, and money to do the work we’re called to do.

Why will it take that long? We’re going to spend the next year or so building relationships with individuals and churches who want to partner with us to help send us to the field. As you can imagine, people aren’t throwing money at us, and it takes time to make the right connections who want to get behind us.

When will you be back? Once we move to Madrid, our first term is three years. After that, we’ll be back in the States for a year, connecting with our supporters and meeting new ones. After that, we’ll be in Spain for four years, back for one, and so on. We haven’t given any limit to how long we’ll be there–only God knows!

How can I help? There are three ways you can help:

  1. Pray. We need prayer support to help carry us through both this support raising season, as well as throughout our time in Spain. If we haven’t seen you in person and you’d like some prayer cards, let us know!
  2. Introduce us. If you’d like us to try to get connected with your church, we would love to be introduced to your pastor or missions committee. We’ll come out for a meeting, coffee, or a service, but we would love to be introduced through you. Contact us if this is you!
  3. Consider supporting us. The only way we can get to Spain is through the generosity of those who believe in what we’re doing. We know not everyone can help us by giving, but our support team are truly who are the fuel in our engine. You can give a one-time or a recurring monthly gift securely here. 

If you have any other questions about what we’re doing, please leave them in the comments below!

P.S. You’re taking the baby?! Yes.

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  • I liked Allison Park worship on Facebook and your page came up as something I might “like.” I clicked on it because my name is also Alicia , then clicked on your website and began to read the blog.

    I was so excited to read about your going to Spain to spread the gospel through media. We host exchange students and our last exchange student was from Madrid. Through her, we learned that Spain is in desperate need of knowing the passion and depth of God’s love. It was so hard for us to see her leave….knowing the spiritual climate she was going home to.
    I really believe i was supposed to see your page and I’m so renewed with hope …..I’ll definitely be buying some coffee and contributing monthly …as well as praying!
    God bless you guys !

    • That’s incredible!! Hearing your connection to us is a faith-building moment for us. I’m roasting your coffee today and will send it out this afternoon. Please let us know how we can best serve or pray for you!!

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