Our Mission

We will be based out of Spain, working with International Media Ministries (IMM). IMM is a 501c3 non-profit affiliate of the Assemblies of God. IMM has a dual purpose of creating video and training others to create.

  • Production

    IMM creates evangelism content in short and long video formats to reach people who have yet to receive the Gospel. The ministry is a ‘script to screen’ production team creating, developing, and producing media content for missionaries and broadcasters. IMM reaches Europe, Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

  • Training

    IMM provides training to multiply the storytellers that share the Gospel with unreached people. The ministry provides training for nationals in traditional media production and in non-traditional new media using mobile phones and software. It is committed to equipping media teams to advance the Gospel. With more funding, we could train in more countries.

IMM is constantly adapting, changing, and growing with the media world. We want to see Jesus on every screen, especially those parts of the world closed to traditional evangelism. For more about what we’ll be doing, click here.