Why Does God Work In Us?

When we first come to Christ, our lives are like an out of tune guitar. Our hearts are kind of ugly, and we definitely don’t have everything figured out. Lots of people, especially people who have followed Christ for a long time, can hear how terribly out of tune we are. We don’t talk right, […]

Thy Way, Not Mine

We are a little over a year into itineration. We have spent the last twelve months traveling thousands of miles, telling our story, and meeting lots of wonderful people who are joining us in our journey through prayer and financial support. And now, about a year in, we’re feeling the weight of the process. Our […]

3 Things I Learned from a Biker Church

Our family goes to a lot of churches. At most of the churches we go to we are first time guests, so we get to experience what visitors do the first time they pull into a parking lot, check a child into the nursery, or hear a worship band start off the service. There are always […]

Christianity Doesn’t Make Sense

Christianity doesn’t make sense, especially in today’s society. I mean, think about the implications. First, we need to admit that we’re imperfect. Like, we are inherently flawed, not inherently good. Then, because we’re imperfect and unworthy of having relationship with God, we need someone to fix the rift. One person, exclusively. We could stop right […]

Dan & Alicia (and Paisley!) Fall Road Trip 2014

This October and November, we will be traveling throughout Southern New England, then heading south to Florida for a couple of weeks. All told, we will be away from our home for two full months! Please pray for God to keep his angels around us (and our car) as we put lots of miles on. […]

Find out what in the world we're doing!

What in the world are we doing?

You’re taking the baby?! We get a lot of questions about what we’re doing and why it’s going to take us so long to do it. Let’s take a few minutes to answer some common questions we get, and hopefully give you some clarity on our process. Where are you going? We’re going to Spain as […]

What a Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend was so amazing, I couldn’t just post a little blurb on our Facebook page. On Saturday night and Sunday morning, we had the honor of being with Waters Church in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. We were impressed by the quality of the music, production, hospitality, and how Waters reaches out to the community. […]

Accelerate Coffee – Coming Soon

As many of you know, I have been roasting coffee for more than 4 years (and I still don’t consider myself a coffee snob). Alicia and I had wanted to use coffee as thank you gifts for our supporting churches and individuals, but then we thought, ‘Why stop there?’ After considering the investment, we decided that […]

Commissioned to Go

Last month, Alicia, Paisley and I all traveled to Springfield, Missouri to take part in Missionary Training and Renewal 2014 at Central Bible College. We spent three weeks living all together in a CBC dorm room, which neither of us had done for more than a decade (Paisley hadn’t either, but now she has spent […]

World's Okayest Dad

World’s Okayest Dad

One day, your biggest concern is that the sugar at the bottom of your Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee isn’t dissolved, and the next day…you’re responsible for a human life. This responsibility petrifies any warm-blooded man, and we are thrust into it with no manual, no practice, and no idea of what to do about it. […]