Join the Club. Or Don’t.

Faith without actions is dead. But what comes of actions without faith? When someone gets saved, many times¬†our (Christians)¬†emphasis immediately shifts from the grace of God to what they need to do to change their life: stop smoking, stop gambling, start tithing, be at the church every time the doors are open… It’s more like […]

Calling All Name Droppers

Isaiah 2:12-22 We all like to name drop. We love to talk about the time we met Michael W. Smith (I haven’t), or that time we saw Tom Brady buying a Whopper Jr. (he must have), or that your cousin-in-law’s sister took out Jennifer Aniston’s trash (I’m sure her trash guy has a cousin…in-law). We […]

Where God Guides, He Provides

Throughout my life, God has made the things that I’m supposed to do abundantly clear. Over the years, understanding that has helped me not to overthink my steps, but to implicitly trust Him. Two major situations with my education are proof of this: Attending VFCC for my undergrad, and getting my Master’s at Regent. Valley […]